Swimava improves sleep in babies

Swimava improves sleep in babies

People who say they sleep like babies, usually don't have them. It's the one thing we all love, and what we miss when becoming a mom. Stolen from us like a thief in the night, and leaving us with muddled thoughts, zombie-like walk, zero energy and the mental capacity of a stapler. 

That's why Swimava is becoming trusted and loved around the world by moms - in search of that one thing that will help them catch a few extra zzzzs each night.

Swimava supports baby in water, giving them them the freedom to move in a way that they would not experience elsewhere. Research has shown time and time again, that hydrotherapy and aquatic physical therapy in warm water can be a simple, effective method for reducing discomfort such as colic, improving relaxation, blood flow and sleep quality. 

The gentle movement and resistance in water, followed by a home-massage is exactly what baby needs to relax and sleep better Trust us moms, you'll be thanking us by morning.  

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