Body Ring - Penquin (12months+)

R 390.00

Your baby's great love for water starts here..

The Swimava Body ring was engineered in the UK  to allow baby to safely and comfortably tread water. The product is also NRCS approved..

It was designed with maximum safety and water fun in mind with two large air chambers at the front and back... this ensures maximum buoyancy and prevents baby from tipping over. The sides are also narrow enough to allow baby to splash and reach water..

"An innovative, top-quality and wonderful learn to swim device that every baby needs".... as quoted by learn to swim schools in the USA. 


Our unique Body Ring is made to fit snugly around the chest and securely under your child's arm pits so your child can't slip through.

  • Quality: Lead & Phthalate Free & Designed in U.K.   
  • Gain confidence in water
  • Promote better Appetite, Sleeping route and Coordination

Swimava Body Ring is suitable for kids ages 12 months plus. Weight 11-18 kg. *




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