• Improves sleep Improves sleep

    Floating in water relaxes your baby and is incredibly therapeutic as they have spent 9 months floating in amniotic fluid – it reminds them of being in the womb. As baby’s first exercise – it helps to improve sleep patterns and prevent sleep disorders.

  • Eases colic Eases colic

    Gentle movement through the water has a positive effect on baby and helps to relieve gas, constipation, cramps and is known to assist babies suffering from colic.

  • Helps digestion Helps digestion

    Water is an appetite stimulator and gentle treading is known to assist with baby’s digestion. So if you have a fussy eater – you can look forward to improved eating patterns.

  • Builds water confidence Builds water confidence

    Floating isn’t just swimming. It’s freedom. And introducing children to water at a very young age helps prevent a fear of water developing later. Exercises that involve moving independently in water are wonderful for your baby’s confidence. 

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