What Swimava moms & dads are saying!

  • "Josh has never been a sleeper, and has driven us mad waking up at least 4 times a night – even at 4 months old. After 20 minutes in the bath in his Swimava, he slept through for the first time. Thank you Swimava for helping me get some rest and for helping build my little man’s love for water."

    Emily – Hurlingham
  • "At first she was a little confused – but now she loves it. I look forward to coming home from work every day and watching her kick and splash in the bath. Smiling and giggling. Best part of my day. Thanks Swimava.."

    Rephilwe - Fourways
  • "Pool time will never be the same. We have the whole family in it now and Taylor’s expression say it all. She is 6 months old."

    John – Sandton
  • "As a chiro, I know how beneficial water can be for babies. This product is excellent as it uses hydrotherapy and the natural motion of water to strengthen muscles and assist with development. Great to see this product in South Africa. Well done on a great job Swimava."

    Carly Heslop – Cape Town
  • "Finally I don’t have to leave my house! I have my own little baby spa right at home. I even throw in my own baby massage that I learned off YouTube."

    Jolene - Alberton
  • "After I take her out of the bath – she is so relaxed and ready for a bottle. I think I have a new child. Please think about introducing classes Swimava."

    Sasha Nadia – Durban
  • "Independence is so important for babies. Water is too. Throw them together and you get Swimava. My little girl loves it and I can’t wait for summer to arrive so that we can play in the big pool together."

    Ricky – Bloemfontein
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