Baby Float - Butterfly (3-18 months)

R 390.00

As used for hydrotherapy in baby spas around the world, Swimava Baby Floats are NRCS-approved and used at bathtime and pooltime. The product is recognised worldwide for its many emotional, physical and developmental benefits. It also assists in growing a love for water for all babies.. 

Swimava Baby Float, Safety Guide and pump all included in a reusable wet bag.
Suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby friendly public swimming pools.
Ideal for use in our Compact Home Baby Pool.
Suitable ages 3-18 months
Minimum weight 5.5kg 
Maximum weight 13kg..


**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!* .Message brought to you by Swimava South Africa..                                                                  

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