Swim Seat - Dinosuar (6 months+)

R 460.00

Make pooltime fun with our super comfortable, supportive and fun baby seats from Swimava South Africa. Our swim seats give babies the ability to tread water naturally and safely from 6 months +. The seat is made from a quality silicone based plastic as to ensure maximum comfort and fun, free swimming moments.


- Swimava baby seat, Pump & Safety Guide all included in our Unique Wet Bag.
- Suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby friendly pools.
- Suitable ages 6 + months (Max. weight 18 kgs)
- Arrives in 2-4 Business days via DHL.
- Shipping fee is not included in advertised pricing.

**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!** Brought to you by Swimava South Africa.

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